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Friday, January 14, 2005

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho...

To the library we go.... Wandered through the knitting book section of the library today (Dewey Decimal 746) and picked up copies of Folk Bags (Vicki Square), Folk Mittens (Marcia Lewandowski) & Debbie Bliss - Celtic Knits. Will be fun to browse this afternoon while I continue to work on #6 Rag-Tag afghan.

The K4 meeting was yesterday and while only three of us showed up, we had a good time chatting and knitting. Someone had dropped off more yarn along with quilting magazines and a small stack of WorkBasket magazines from the early 50s. Those brought back some memories as that was about the time I was learning to knit and I remember my mother getting me a subscription. Anyway, I dropped off three afghans, four hats and two scarves & picked up some more odds & ends of yarn to work into this latest afghan.

I'd probably get more knitting done if I spent less time surfing the Knitting Blogs ring, but it's a lot of fun seeing what other people are working on. I was zipping through a number of blogs last night looking for the one with the pattern for fingerless gloves shown in variegated and lots of photos on how to make them. I thought that I had copied the pattern to a Word file and saved it, but I didn't, plus I don't seem to have bookmarked the site. While blogging through probably 70+ sites, I came to this conclusion: Blessed is the Blogger who puts the ring link either at the top or the bottom of the page where it can be easily found, who uses one of the recognizable buttons and who makes sure that the link text stands out against the background. It didn't take long to scan each site for the pattern, but there were a few times that I could NOT find the link to the next site in the ring and had to go back to the main page and pick random. Frustrating! Ok, that's my rant for the day ...

Addendum: I surfed the ring for a while longer and then tried a Google search for "wrist warmer" pattern free - it took about another half hour going through the links, but I did find the site I was looking for. Unfortunately, the page completely refused to copy into a Word document, so I wound up jotting down cryptic instructions on a file card. Since then, I've browsed the books from the library without finding anything that screams "drop everything else and make me right NOW!!" That's the nice part about libraries - I'll take the books back next week and not be out of pocket. Right now I'm thinking that somewhere around here I have a skein of Red Heart jewel tone variegated that might make some nifty wrist warmers..


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