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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two Months & One Day Later - Hey, I'm Getting Better!

It's been a while - looking back to when I first started blogging, it's hard for me to believe that I was writing something almost every other day. But I haven't been sitting on my hands. First up, 30 cotton knit dishcloths. I mentioned in my last post that I'd taken advantage of the $1 sale on Sugar & Cream at Michael's so here are the latest results. They're in our display case and will be sold to raise money for yarn for our other projects.

The first of a long line of lap robes for the Veterans' Hospital in Ann Arbor - I turned nine of them in this last Monday. These are all approximately 30x36" and sized for wheelchairs as that hospital gets many of the amputees from the wars. These first four are all crocheted in plain double crochet which lets me change colors more easily as I can work over the ends as I go.

Up to this point, the photo shoot was moving along - and then .....

Boomer decided to get into the act. This one is knit and I tried something new, blending the colors by knitting two rows on one blue & then two rows of a second blue. When blue #1 ran out, I added a lighter shade (#3) & continued alternating with #2 and so on until I reached the correct length.

Another knit one, this one out of the bin of greens.

Boomer says "you're not going to get away with just moving the next lap robe away from the one I'm occupying - at 3' from ears to tail I can easily span both!!"

Three more simple double crochet ones.

This one is in brick stitch and was finished except for running in the yarn ends with a needle. I love this pattern but it doesn't allow for crocheting over the yarn ends so I tend to use it when I have almost full skeins to use so there aren't as many color changes. Boomer was fascinated with the loose ends.

Another one that needed another row or two to be complete. I finished these last two off during Monday's knit/crochet class so they're ready to be delivered. Notice that tuft of white fur just to the left of Boomer?

Just in case you ever wondered why it's difficult to get the vacuum run at the same time as the camera batteries are charged, this last photo may explain it. I think I had less than five minutes before "the boys" were mixing it up again and there was fur flying.

In other news, the garage sale season so far has been very good. I took two large bags of yarn in on Monday & more on Thursday. DH had even better luck Thursday afternoon while I was at K4 and I came home to my chair entirely filled with bags of yarn. Today we went to a community garage sale up in Oxford and I was able to buy 35 skeins of yarn for $4.00 - 18 skeins of beige, 6 of turquoise, 6 of medium blue & 5 of dark blue. I think I'm going to need DH's help to get this all from the car to the craft room come Monday!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the lap robes you've made, and I'm sure they are much appreciated by the recipients. Love the cute kitties too. They look so happy to be included in the pictures.

3:16 AM  
Anonymous Beth said...

Love the cats! AND, the knitting. Keep up the posting.

8:42 PM  

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