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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 2012 - Gardening

To start off, I'm going to pitch a b*tch. Google Blogger has quit supporting my Opera browser & it's putting all sorts of odd code into this post - much of it stuff I don't recognize although I've been writing in HTML here and on the genealogy site for years now. I guess I'll have to decide whether to continue here or to go elsewhere for future blogging. I have absolutely no desire to use either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome! But on to happier topics..

Not much knitting in this post though I've been steadily knitting more hats, crocheting Snuggles to use up odds and ends of yarn and have started making toddler sweaters like last year's.

First up, I'll bore you with a couple more photos of Quinn who is fairly photogenic. The second one is what we call "Quinn belly" or his usual pose when he flops down in front of us for a belly rub.

The roses are blooming again this month.

DH found these for me at a garage sale earlier this month & he's been finding quite a bit of yarn for our K4 group..

I decided to take the easy route to gardening this year after skipping it all together last year. I bought four 1 cubic foot bags of Miracle Grow garden soil & planted the tomatoes & basil directly into the bags after putting them on the deck. The large tomato in the corner is a Mortgage Lifter, then there are four Goliath & four Juliet Grape tomatoes.

Another shot of the tomatoes when I put them in the first week of this month.

They seem to like the bags - you'll notice that the Goliaths are almost as big as the Mortgage Lifter which hasn't grown all that much. We had a heavy downpour last week (think horizontal rain) that bent it over so we had to tie it up afterwards. I'll put in stakes to tie the ones on the outside fairly soon and will probably let the inside ones sort of sprawl across the deck.

Another shot of the Juliets in the end bag.. All the plants are blooming now though they haven't started to set fruit.

I'll try to include more knit & crochet stuff next time. The old Senior Center is now closed and we've had to relocate to the new Community Center out on Joslyn Road about a 20 minute drive. I'm getting used to the IQ - I pull into a parking spot until my driver's door is even with the back door of a 4 door sedan & the 10' long IQ is parked with room on either end. It has a sharp turning radius - it will pull out of one parking spot and into the second one down - kind of fun!!

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