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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Music, Music, Music

I've been sort of tagged by Sharon at Shazzas Knits - like me, she's a newbie to the blogging scene and has invited anyone who reads her music list post to join in - so here I go....

1. TOTAL AMOUNT OF MUSIC FILES ON YOUR COMPUTER: none, nada, zilch.. I bought this computer five years ago to be able to moonlight at Printed Circuit Design in the evenings and I went with a 19" monitor instead of a sound card. Thus, music files don't do me a bit of good..

2. THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT WAS: Shady Grove, Folk music by Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

3. WHAT IS THE LAST SONG YOU HEARD BEFORE WRITING THIS MESSAGE: Oh, Babe, It Ain't No Lie, on a Jerry Garcia concert tape from October 1987 (do you see a pattern emerging here?)

1 - Terrapin Station suite by the Grateful Dead from the album of the same name - my introduction to the marvelous, eclectic music produced by this group. The Lady With A Fan is especially good.
2 - Wonderful Tonight, by Eric Clapton - when this song is on, my DH lip-synchs the words and makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.
3 - Promises, by Barbara Streisand & Barry Gibbs on the Guilty album - "We got each other my love , my life, my friend" puts into words how I feel about my DH..
4 - Senor, a Bob Dylan song, as presented on the 2nd CD of the Jerry Garcia Band album - I get chills up my spine listening to the guitar. The other songs on the album aren't bad either - I never thought that I liked jazz until I heard Jerry take Hold Tight into the stratosphere and back.
5 - I'm going to wimp out here and proclaim as my 5th choice just about anything on either a Grateful Dead or Jerry Garcia album EXCEPT Drums & Space - those two are a waste and try as I might, I just can't get into them. However, China Cat Sunflower, Sugar Magnolia, Trucking, Playing In The Band, and many others make me want to get up and dance. Brokedown Palace, Brown-eyed Woman, Mountains of the Moon, China Doll, Lost Sailor and many, many others are soul soothing. What I especially like is the eclectic nature of their music - it doesn't matter what type of music I'm in the mood for, I can usually find it on one album or another.. Yup, I'm a Dead-Head..

5. WHO WILL YOU PASS THE TORCH ON TO (3 PEOPLE) AND WHY? There again, like Sharon, I'm too new to the blogging world to tag anyone, so I'll continue with her idea: " to take this on from me if you happen to stumble across this and do it on you own blog."


Blogger Sharon said...

Hi Jane, thanks for that, I see you are into the Grateful Dead, I love that whole early hippy music scene,(hence the Janis Joplin thing, her best music comes from her Big Brother days) happy knitting and music listening.

6:11 PM  

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