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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Is Supposed To Be Here

Yes, it's supposed to be SPRING as of this last Wednesday, but.....  That's right - snow & way below average temperatures for this time of year. It's a balmy 20° outside at 8 a.m., forecast high of only 35°. All I can say is "BRRRRRRR".. We should be in the mid-40s. It's not snowing right now and a good part of the snow cover in the photo has disappeared, but there's more snow forecast for today & tomorrow.

I've been working on more lap robes for the Veterans' Hospital. One of our members took the last batch down in January and was elated by the response that she received from a staff member. He told her that the veterans loved these amall afghans.

 We usually make them wheel chair size at 30x36" - but she was told that they could use some larger ones up to 40x48". It's surprising how much longer it takes to make one that size.  This is my first one of the larger size - as you can see Max & Quinn thought that a lap-robe on the floor meant time to pose..

And to start a bit of a dust up.. One of the reasons that these photo sessions are few & far between. All three of these lap-robes are crocheted using the Box or Brick or Brain-dead stitch. Personally, I like the last name as after the starting row, it's one of the easiest patterns other than straight double crochet.


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