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Thursday, November 01, 2007

OK, I'm A Sucker For Tests

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I'm a little surprised at the high score for naturalist - true, I like to garden (I love tomatoes)& watch nature shows on PBS, but otherwise I'm not great on the great outdoors. Too many bees (allergic) & mosquitoes out there for my tastes. Visual/spatial makes sense because I like to design and I hope I'm fairly logical. On the other hand, I'm not surprised by the low musical score because, despite liking music, I can't carry a tune in a bushel basket and arthritis has limited my ability to play the only instrument I ever learned, the autoharp (aka music for dummies {g}).. The low score for interpersonal may reflect that I'm basically very shy until I get to know people.

People with Linguistic intelligence are naturally good with writing or speaking and memorization.

People with Logical intelligence are driven by logic and reasoning.

People with Visual intelligence are good at remembering images and aware of surroundings.

People with Kinesthetic intelligence love movement, have good motor skills and are aware of their bodies.

People with musical intelligence are musically gifted and have a "good ear" for rhythm and composition.

People with intrapersonal intelligence are adept at looking inward.

People with Interpersonal intelligence are good with people and thrive in social interactions.
People with Naturalist intelligence have a sensitivity to and appreciation for nature.


Blogger Diane said...

I may give that test a try to see where I fall. I'd expect to fall into the naturalist area but I could be surprised!

I've tagged you in the meme Nancy Bond passed along to me. :) I hope you'll play along as I'm sure your answers would be interesting!


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