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Friday, November 02, 2007

A Sorting We Do Go...

I spent quite a while last night sorting out the K4 yarns I have here at home. Most of them are small balls destined for rag-tag afghans but a few are full or almost full skeins that may wind up as hats & scarves or maybe shawls. I sorted the skeins toward the end, so they look more prominent than they really are. Anyway, here's the stash.

The blacks, greys and a full tote of whites & creams, the colors I use the most in the middle of the planned versions.

The blues. Unfortunately, the greens which are in the other end of this tote didn't get included in the picture except for that one lonely skein on the right, but they're there.

Browns & beiges.

The reds & purples in one tote and the yellows & oranges in the laundry basket as I'd run out of totes. I'll probably combine some of the totes but if I do, I'll put the different colors into bags so I can pull them out along with some of the creams & whites to make an afghan or lap robe.

We went up to Meijers today for the weekly shopping trip plus to get more totes. Unfortunately, they'd raised the price of the 18 gallon ones I've been using around 25% since last week - from $4.29 to $5.49. Kmart had "Halloween" totes in the same size advertised for $4 so we headed there. They were all out of the orange & black ones but a kindly manager sold us solid grey ones for the same price which was even better. We bought 16 which I hope will last a little while as I'm packing. Next up is my yarn stash.

At K4 today, I finished one scarf and started another in a brown, beige, green variegated to go with a hat that Gloria made. I still need to knit hats for two scarves that Frances made plus I'm working on sets from three strands of the coned yarn. I finished one set tonight & started another in the early evening before moving downstairs to watch TV and work on the variegated scarf. I'll be moving the rag-tag yarn in the totes over to the other house and concentrating on the hat & scarf sets for the veterans' shelter. I already have 8 lap-robes/afghans in various sizes finished so along with the ones other members have made that should be enough to cover any of the shut-ins from the Sr. Center. I love this charity knitting & crocheting because I can work on projects to my hearts content and not have to worry about finding a family member who doesn't already have a closet stuff full.. {g}


Blogger KnitNana said...

Yup. I'd envisioned exactly this from our emails...16 bins? Well...
You've got me beat!

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