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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Heading For Malta

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by an elderly lady who wanted to order a two shawls to take with her when she moved back to Malta this spring so she could give them to friends who remained there when she moved to the States. She came into the Senior Center a few days later & I helped her pick out yarn from our K4 stash (a shawl needs at least 8 ounces). She chose a taupe & a navy & I started knitting. I used worsted weight yarn & size 15 needles starting with a simple cast-on of 5 stitches for the back of the neck. The first row was K2, YO, K1, YO, K2 with the K1 forming the center of the back & continuing to increase four stitches on every other row. I added some simple lace to the outer sections with garter stitch rows to form a non-roll border at the outside edge.

The lace on the taupe shawl is a 12 stitch repeat of Feather & Fan that I first adapted for socks. The original F&F is an 18 stitch repeat.

The navy shawl's lace is a very simple eyelet that slants into the center stitch by using slip 1 to knit, slip 1 to purl, k2tog on the right side for a left leaning decrease & k2tog on the other side of the center stitch for a right leaning decrease.

Emma picked the shawls up this last Monday and told me that she loved them. Her friend who drove her to the Senior Center was threatening to make off with the taupe shawl so I may get another order in the future. I hope her friends back in Malta like them too.

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Blogger Ruinwen said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I love the two different borders on your shawls. :)

7:23 AM  
Blogger KnitNana said...

YAY! They're Done!

And ... YAY! She likes them!! (a far more critical issue)

9:48 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

I would like to buy your Llama hat. Is there any way I could buy it from you?
It's awesome!


8:54 PM  
Blogger ericah64 said...

OH, those shawls are SO pretty!

12:59 PM  

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