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Friday, April 08, 2005

More Recycling

Three garage sales today and while two were complete busts, I did manage to score this sweater for $2.

It's 100% Scottish wool, knit in Thailand, in XL and it feels like it weighs at least a pound. All the seams, even the shoulder ones look like "good" (non-serged) seams, but it may take a magnifying glass to find the seam yarn as it's a close match for the wool. The main color is a beautiful green/gold/brown tweed, though it looks a little washed out in this photo (my camera does not seem to want to handle green shades correctly).

I'm going to try taking it apart and frogging it for the yarn this weekend.

Lacking any other knitting content at the moment, I'm going to answer a few of the comments that have been piling up. All of Blogger's comments come in emails with a "no-reply" return address, which makes it difficult to shoot off an answer, so here goes:

1) For KnitNana (Hi, Sallee!) & Piogga - unfortunately the #9 circular is still among the missing, but I'll guarantee that it will be in the last place I look {g}..

2) Maureen, you may be surprised that after a few meetings held every two to three weeks, there will be members who want to meet every week. That's what happened with our K4 group - we went from two meetings a month to every Thursday.

3) Piogga, I'll be wresting with the swift again this weekend taking the new wool sweater apart. I'm almost tempted to make a board with a couple big nails for the unravelling as was shown in the one "how to recycle a sweater" site. The umbrella swifts do look nice - especially the clamp that keeps them in one place!

4) Amanda, thanks for the invitation to the beaded stitch marker swap, but I think I need a little more practice before they're ready for prime time. Maybe the next swap?

5) Eva, there were a number of quilters who bombarded the Northern people with emails and letters letting them know that you don't quilt with knitting needles! The commercials for Quilted Northern were changed soon after that.

6) Cheryl, I hope your Clapotis in acrylic turns out great. I wore mine yesterday and the size and drape of the one on 10.5 needles is so much nicer - it actually stayed draped without constant readjustment.

I think those are all the ones that I haven't been able to answer via email, if I missed anyone, please drop me a line at janedevlin at ameritech dot com (changing the "at" & the "dot" to the normal symbols and running everything together).


Blogger Pioggia said...

I missed the commercial completely, but I deal with similar comments lately. I'm knitting two squares for a team afghan, but my co-workers (the ones that are not knitting) still believe it's going to be a quilt.

3:24 PM  

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