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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Good Golly, Miss Molly..

And here I thought that 12 days without posting was bad!! Yikes.. That last post was on the 2nd and here it is the 16th. This week has been taken up with a minor family disaster. Somehow last Friday, Mom and her cat, Sadie, collided and Sadie's tooth punctured Mom's hand in the fleshy pad at the base of her thumb. It turns out that this is the absolute worst place on the human body to sustain a cat "bite". Mom had her regular every other month check up with her doctor scheduled on Monday and because her hand was hurting, we mentioned it. Fifteen minutes later we were headed for the hospital where Mom was put on IV antibiotics and she just got out this morning. Now, having Mom in the hospital would be bad enough, but because she has still been going to her doctor out home (about 45 miles from here), he practices in Port Huron, 87 miles from here! We've put a lot of miles on the car and enriched the oil companies more than usual. But she's home now, thank goodness!

On a more pleasant topic, I've been working on the Highland Triangle Shawl and it's coming along. The column eyelet pattern of the inner border is definitely easier to keep track of than the diamond eyelet pattern of the center triangle. I just started the second set of row repeats and I have three skeins of yarn left. I'm not sure how many yards that the knit on lace edging will take, but I'm really doubting that I have enough yarn to complete three sets of row repeats on the inner border and then the edging. I'm going to measure the center line and see how it compares to the depth of the Wool Peddler. I'll try to get a photo sometime soon.

I turned in two shawls last week at our K4 meeting and have another one finished since then. I didn't get to go today and probably won't make it next week as Mom has a follow up appointment at her doctor's scheduled for late morning, but I have yarn for two more shawls, one of them started, so they'll hopefully be done by the next time.


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