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Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Wrap-up

I've been working on a number of different projects this last week.

A hat & scarf set made from one strand of white Jiffy & one strand of blue Coordinates.

A hat made from one strand of a bulky yarn & one strand of fun fur. Both of these will go on sale at our Christmas Craft Show in December.

This was where I was yesterday at the beginning of the K4 group on the Queen Anne's Lace lap robe. Between several hours there and watching the House Judiciary Committee on CSPAN today, the project is now finished with all six panels of lace completed.

The blueberry waffle patterned sock is coming along. I'll probably work on it more this evening. I'm not sure why the heel looks so funky in the photo - it doesn't in real life.

This is our new toy! It's a self-propelled sprinkler that follows the hose so we don't have to run out and move the oscillating one several times to get the lawn watered. I love the way it looks like the John Deere tractor we had on the farm right after tractors again became available post WWII. Of course, at the time, I was very upset that our work horses, Floss & Bess were sold. I took this photo from inside through the window screen so it's a bit blurry.

Also through the window screen, the view straight down from the computer room window. Yellow day-lilies, that came from the farm when Mom & Dad moved here, are in full bloom.

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Blogger Diana said...

Impressive lace you've got going there!!! Thank you for your prayers too!

9:22 PM  
Blogger KnitNana said...

A John Deere tractor sprinkler?
What will they come up with next?

1:14 PM  

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