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A few musings about my needlecraft hobbies - knitting, crocheting, quilting, & cross-stitch along with my other love, genealogy. While growing up, I used to HATE the term "Plain Jane", but when it comes to knitting & crocheting, I've realized that I really *am* a Plain Jane in that I don't use fancy yarns.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nothing Special Going On

... but I've been getting quite a bit of knitting & crocheting done while watching the Olympics in the evening..

I think this is a scarf that a Red-Hatter would love. It's worked on size 17 needles with one strand of a dark purple worsted throughout combined with different "fancy" yarns that all contain red or purple. It's draped over my antique swift because the scarf is about 7' long and I couldn't get it all into a photo if I laid it out on the carpet.

The afghan done in "brain-dead", "crazy" or "box" stitch (I've found it listed under all those names)is complete. I started another one while at K4 today but this one will be striped vertically instead of horizontally for the simple fact that it turned out wider than I thought it would - or I may decide to frog and restart as it wouldn't be that much of a problem to get to where I am now. This new one is going to have wider stripes of color as I found that I spent almost as much time deciding what the next color would be on the one above as I did crocheting the row.. {g}

Two more "Dopey" baby caps with fun fur trim at the front. These went into the case at the Sr. Center today in hopes of selling them to earn money for more yarn.

And this is where my third pair of Summer of Socks 08 are at the moment. I turned the heel last night, finished the gussets and am starting the leg. The shades in this #551 Vinca colorway are so soothing.

In other activities, I've been hanging around on Plurk quite a bit which is fun. I'm still teaching knitting & crocheting on Mondays at the Sr. Center and joining in for the fun on Thursday afternoons & our K4 group. As I mentioned earlier, I've been watching the Olympics in the evening, knitting away and reading during the commercials and transition times between events. It's been a quiet week. Our tomatoes are starting to ripen. We had BLTs over the weekend thanks to the Early Girls, but now the Beefsteak & Better Boys are ripening and we have lots of grape tomatoes for munching - so much better than last year when the deer ate the plants down to nubs..

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Blogger KnitNana said...

lotsa knitting going on...
And enjoy the tomatoes. I'm afraid, as usual that my crop is weak because of a lack of sunlight.

8:05 PM  

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