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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

LOST In The Ozone

What's LOST you might ask? Not Commander Cody, but my blooming brain! Today while reading the Detroit Freep (aka the Free Press) I perused a column on ABC's fall schedule which mentioned that LOST, one of my favorites, is being moved to 9 p.m. on Wednesday (opposite my all time favorite West Wing - are these people crazy??) and some how this bit of trivia translated into me thinking that tonight's episode of LOST would air at 9 p.m. **WRONG!!!** I sat in the living room knitting away on felted bag #3 & plotting tomorrow's garage sale expedition with DH right up until 8:57 when I blithely trotted down to the family room, turned on the tv and caught the last three minutes during which all that happened was that the raft which has been a'building for the last few months was successfully launched into the surf. What happened during the previous 57 minutes (minus commercials)??? I sit here tonight checking the Television Without Pity site in hopes that a synopsis will soon be posted.

In other news, button-hole bag #3 is nearing completion - not bad since around 4 this afternoon, it was just up to the end of the increases on the bottom piece. Maybe I knit faster when frustrated?? I have about four more rows before I bind off so I may finish it yet tonight. The purple & lime-green Lopi is certainly brighter than my previous grey & cream versions even with the red checkerboard design I tossed into #2. Tomorrow being Thursday, we have over half a page of small font listings of garage sales - we'll start out at a church rummage sale and then proceed to a large sub-division sale. By that time, I'm probably going to be worn out - climbing in and out of the back seat of a two door Colt time after time is a bit of a workout, but DH drives & I'm not going to let Mom cope with the back seat. I'll be on the lookout for more sweaters suitable for recycling - this is almost as addicting as making the felted bags out of the wool the sweaters yield. Stay tuned for further developments.


Anonymous Tammy said...

Here is the update on "The Lost" it was an awsome show last night. Im sorry to here you missed it. Next week it is the 2 hour finale, here in central IL it will be on at 7:00pm.
I really enjoy your blog and have been inspired to try recycling yarn I have foud in the form of other knit items.

2:19 PM  

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