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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Roses Are Pink - & Heirloom

I meant to add these photos to the previous post. These roses are transplants from the cabbage rose that was on the farm where I grew up at the time my parents & grandparents bought the land in 1940. When the farm was sold and I was helping Mom & Dad move, I dug out a few roots from the virtual mat of roots behind the house. It was impossible to get out a piece much longer than 6" and because of all the other things going on at the time, I brought them home and heeled them in under the lilac bushes. The next spring, I moved them to a bed behind the garage where I also put the mums I'd brought from out home - the mums took over the bed and the roses languished. Last year, I reworked the bed at the end of the deck and moved the three surviving roses there. With only oriental poppies and some non-invasive day-lillies for competition, the roses are thriving and blooming for the first time this year.

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Anonymous heather said...


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Blogger Pioggia said...

Beautiful. They look almost purple on my monitor. You did a good job.

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