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A few musings about my needlecraft hobbies - knitting, crocheting, quilting, & cross-stitch along with my other love, genealogy. While growing up, I used to HATE the term "Plain Jane", but when it comes to knitting & crocheting, I've realized that I really *am* a Plain Jane in that I don't use fancy yarns.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This & That & Turkey Day

I've been a *bad* blogger recently in that I haven't posted much and have taken even fewer photos. I have been knitting though - lots of hats and scarves that pretty much look like the photos I posted a while back. I mentioned that our K4 group was working hard on sets to donate to the shelter for homeless veterans in Detroit. Last Thursday we sorted and packed *50* each of hats and scarves that Gloria & her husband Paul delivered over the weekend. Now we're back to making sets that will probably go to FISH, a local charity, for distribution before Xmas - I have three sets finished since last Thursday and the hat almost finished on the 4th set. I've been crocheting the matching scarves because that goes faster than knitting them.

On the reading front, I'm reading, but I haven't been keeping very good track. I need to update, but there have been several books that I've started and then put down (the nice thing about library books is that I can do that without feeling guilty). I've read the first section of an extremely good space opera by Elizabeth Moon - I think it's actually three novels printed as one huge book, so I may list that one on it's own as it was longer than many stand-alone books. Tonight I started Nora Ephron's "I Feel Bad About My Neck".

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We normally eat around 1 in the afternoon so I need to pull out the turkey size baking bags and see how long they say it takes to roast a 21# turkey. There's only three of us for dinner, but we do like leftovers {g}.. The rest of the menu will be mashed potatoes (instant), gravy, dressing (I tore up two and a half loaves of bread - about 1/5 of it will go into the turkey where it will get horribly soupy and then be mixed in with the rest of the dressing and nuked in the microwave. It's a strange method that always turns out quite well and provides enough dressing that we might have some leftover until Friday), broccoli, carrots & brussel sprouts. Oh, and fruited cheese salad: 1 container of cottage cheese, 1 container of cool whip, 1 pkg of orange jello (dry) and 1 can each of well drained pineapple chunks & mandarin orange slices. Mix together & chill. It's been a family favorite for over a quarter century.


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