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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Still Kicking

It's been a while again, but I'm still alive and kicking. Much of my time lately has been spent taking care of Mom whose health hasn't been exactly robust recently. It's a blessing that she lives so close and I can be over there three or four times a day.

Last Thursday was our K4 group meeting - the first one I've been able to attend since August 17th. I kept on working other than the week when I had to cold and felt just too lousy to pick up the needles, so I had 9 hat & scarf sets to turn in. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of them, but they were very similar to the ones I've been posting - the "window pane" hat with a matching garter stitch scarf. I have two more sets complete (one I missed packing when I went on Thursday, the other finished since then) and the hat for a third set done and the scarf started.

Yesterday & today I spent some time messing around with tiny needles (sizes 2 & 3) and sport or baby yarn to make dresses for a Barbie doll. My almost 6 year old grand-daughter has discovered Barbie. It's been years since I've knit anything like this and while I used to whip up outfits when the girls were little, the years have made my hands a bit more stiff so that they cramp when I'm using the small needles. I was able to finish two simple dresses and plan on trying something a bit more advanced next as I work my way up to the glittery ball gown.


Blogger KnitNana said...

OK...we need photos of those Barbie dresses, you know?
I know your Mom's health has been a great concern to you, but remember to take care of YOU, too? Otherwise you can't help her!

10:02 AM  
Blogger Carrie K said...

Have you seen Nicki Epstein's Barbie book?

5:51 PM  

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