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Monday, January 24, 2005

A Few More Scarves

The scarves for the Sr. Center from "fancy" yarns are complete. Here are the last ones.

I made up some tags to tell the content of the yarns that I could identify and to suggest that the scarves be hand washed and dried flat. These are 3x5 notecards cut in half and decorated with a kitty stamp I purchased years ago. My inkpad is in dire need of new ink (or I need a new pad, take your choice), but I was able to get impressions of sorts.

I fastened them to the scarves with some leftover bulky yarn tied in a bow - And when I turned my back for a moment, Moki took advantage of the new soft cushion on the desk to take a nap...

Now the question is whether to run these down to the Sr. Center and see if I can grab some more yarn to make one or two more scarves before tomorrow or to just switch back to either the rag-tag afghan or the hat I'm working on. I worked a few rounds on the hat just now and after the size 17 needles for the scarves, the size 10 for the hat seem so small.


Blogger Maggie Ann said...

The tags are a good idea and are attractive I think, ditto for the scarves. Nice to see your labor of love :-)

2:10 PM  

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