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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ready To Felt

The Button-Hole bag is complete and ready to felt.

Laid out flat like this it measures about 17.5"x12" (not counting the folded bottom). I'm not sure how much the Lopi yarn will shrink when it felts, but once I see what the ratio is, I have enough yarn left to make an even bigger bag. Next step is to graft the toes of DH's new Fuzzy Feet so I can felt everything at once with the next load of bath towels.

We stopped at JoAnne's yesterday and I picked up some more findings for stitch markers as they were having a 30% off sale. I found some 13mm earrings that fit onto a size 13 needle a bit better than the 10mm ones I bought last time. Also picked up another package of the 2" eye pins and a roll of 26 gauge (no 24 gauge in stock) wire to make markers that will fit up to a size 15 needle. Here are the ones I made last night.

All of these, except for the one on the far right, are made with beads from the necklace I bought at a garage sale. The second one from the right uses the 26 gauge wire. I still need to work on my technique for making both the bottom & top loops.

I tested washing a mini-hank of the yarn from the aran sweater in Era & Oxyclean and it seems to have come out ok and a little lighter. I have two of the five balls of yarn I got from the sweater wound into hanks and when the other three are done, I'll wash all of them at once. I was a little surprised at the weight of the yarn. I'm learning that with commercially knit sweaters, the yarn tends to look heavier in the sweater than it does after it's frogged. I was hoping to make the Aibhlinn cowl from it, but looking at the gauge for the pattern, it's closer to what I get working worsted weight yarn on size 8 needles. This cream wool is closer to sport weight than it is to DK, so I may have to reconsider.

I'm sort of dreading trying to frog the grey sweater that's knit intarsia, but a good friend suggested that if I was planning on making a felted bag anyway, I might be able to utilize the body up to the armholes as the bag and just add handles. Given that the pattern in the sweater is so neat, I may attempt to only frog the top half and do exactly that.


Blogger freddyknits said...

Hi Jane. I have several thrift store sweaters I am planning to do that with, too. I've done it once before with a solid color sweater, using a piece from a sleeve as a bag bottom, and it turned out well. I think the patterned sweaters will make interesting bags. I am looking forward to seeing how yours turn out.

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