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Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Mystery

I think I've been RAOK'ed! I'm not sure how or why, but today's mail brought a fat quarter of a beautiful double pink cotton from Garland, Texas. Now, I may be putting my foot in my mouth here, but I'm not aware of knowing anyone in Garland and I can't read the rest of the return address through the UPC coding sticker that's over the label.

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I tried peeling the sticker off, but I think it would destroy the address label. Anyway, the fabric is from the Charleston 1850-1865 collection and exactly the type of print that I use in my quilts. So, whoever my anonymous benefactor is, THANK YOU!!! I'm not sure how you got my address or why you were so kind as to send the fabric, but I truly appreciate it.

Today being Thursday, it was meeting day for our K4 group and we had all seven of the current members there. We had another yarn donation and Virginia had found a couple more plastic bins for storage so our yarn collection is neater and easier to find. I came home with a large bag of partial skeins that I'll use first to make more hats and then turn the leftovers into rag-tag afghans. I finished knitting one hat while I was there and started another one. It's so much fun to get together and talk while working. When we started out, the plan was to meet on the first & third Thursdays of the month, but it didn't take us long to change the schedule to every Thursday. Sometimes there are only one or two of us, other times like today everyone is there - either way it's a super enjoyable way to spend the afternoon and I'm grateful for the friends I've made.

UPDATE -- Mystery solved!! The fabric is from my daughter who bought it for me on EBAY. No wonder it's such a perfect match for my quilting tastes! {g} Thanks, Becky - Pioggia is right, I've very lucky to have a daughter like you. Love you lots!!


Anonymous Becky said...

Uh, mom, that's from me... Gee, now I can leave the nice ebay lady a great feedback... Glad you like it!

6:13 PM  
Blogger Pioggia said...

That's nice of your daughter, lucky you!

9:22 PM  

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