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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday - Where Am I???

No photos this morning - I'm feeling too lazy to haul things upstairs and mess with the camera. I think I'm in my normal DST funk - the Fall one is easier than the Spring when we lose an hour, but my internal clock will still be off kilter for a day or two.

Still, I feel the need to take stock of what I'm working on and where I want to be by the end of this coming week.

  • Megan's sweater is still where it was when I took the photo on the 19th. I want to get past the neck shaping, three-needle bind off the shoulder seams and get started on at least one sleeve.

  • I have about 2½ to 3" of the silk & wool bowl / basket / whatever knit and I'm trying to decide how tall to make it before I start the bottom. I really like the way that the silk and wool are working up together. I'd like to have this done by the end of the week so I can felt it and get it and the samples of the silk shawl & the Xmas stocking sent off to Stephanie.

  • I have 13 washcloths finished for the Cloths For Katrina project (6 still need yarn ends run in) and another one on the needles. The one pound cone of yarn is starting to look pretty skinny, but I think there's at least enough for one or two more cloths after this one is finished. These need to get done and shipped out.

  • I've finished one child's hat & one adult scarf for the K4 project since Thursday and have another hat almost done and started another scarf this morning. I'm trying to learn Continental style on the scarf, so it's going a bit slower than normal as I do my best to maintain gauge. I'm not sure about this experiment. The hat that's now on the needles is double yarn on my new 16" size 15 circular. That one is going FAST. I'm combining a rather wild variegated with a strand of tan. I'd like to finish the scarf and make a couple more hats before Thursday.

Hmmm.. This list is making me a bit tired just looking at it. I'll work on Megan's sweater tonight during TV time. Tuesday's TV will give me time to work on the silk & wool project. I usually knit on the washcloths while I'm up here browsing blogs so I'll continue that and the hats & scarves are small projects that I can take along when I'm over to Mom's for morning coffee and again after dinner. Monday's knitting class will be a good time to run in yarn ends as that goes faster when I have someone to visit with as I'm doing it. OK, that's my plan for the week - I'll update as events warrant.


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