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Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's Garage Sale Time

Is it ever! The past three weeks have been filled with sales, many of them subdivision sales where you can walk from one garage to the next (getting much needed exercise to make up for the time spent in front of the computer or knitting). I walk, my sweet baboo brings the car along, pays for my finds (and his) and carries the heavy things. Did I ever mention that I have the most wonderful husband in the world??? This is a man who, when I came out of Hancock Fabrics in Paducha, KY, with a small bag of purchases told me to go back in and "do it right!"

Anyway, back to garage sales... Last week I found an Ott Light - yes, one of those true daylight types that lists on the Ott site for $79.95 for $1..!! And it works! I was using it the other night to see the stitches on the needles for the Adamas which continues to drive me to drink. (See team-mate #5 a couple posts back) This week (not stitching related) we found a treasure trove of cookbooks, the expensive kind, for 10ยข each.. I also found a $24.95 (the original plastic wrap & price tag were still on it) crossword themed lap-top desk for Mom for $1.50, complete with a crossword puzzle book & dictionary.

Because we were running around the sales later than expected on Thursday, I was late to our K4 meeting and in the rush forgot to take photos of the scarves I knit from donated Homespun before I turned them in. Suffice it to say, they were pretty. I brought home six more skeins of Homespun and I have two more finished and one on the needles. I'll try to get a picture of these before next Thursday.

One of the reasons that I've been spending more time on the scarves than the shawl is that the Summer Reading Challenge has started. I don't think I can really claim the Amanda Quick romance that's listed for June 1st (the start of the challenge) because I finished it around 12:49 a.m. But I've finished one of Tony Hillerman's Joe Leaphorn / Jim Chee mysteries and am deep in a second one with two more in the pile of library books. At one of the garage sales, we ran into three bookshelves of science fiction hard-bounds, many of them looking as though they'd never been opened. I bought an Elizabeth Moon space opera and DH found about six Terry Pratchett's that he had been wanting. I probably won't read much more than I usually do, but my challenge is to make sure that I record the books I finish over there in the sidebar (it's a fair ways down, so you'll have to scroll a bit). I've been very negligent in doing that so far this year. I aim to improve!


Blogger KnitNana said...

What a find! An Ott light for $1? Wow...Glad you're updating on your Summer Reading Challenge, it reminds me to...have fun at your yard sales! You can really find some amazing stuff!

10:34 AM  

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