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Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Got Bored

I got bored making the same old garter stitch shawl for our K4 project, so I started this one from the neck down.

I started with 5 stitches and then used YOs 1 stitch in from either edge and 1 one either side of the center stitch for 4 increases each row. It's worked in stockinette stitch with the even rows purled, so it was still pretty mindless knitting.

Then I decided to get fancy & add a lace border. I was going to use an edging knit on sideways, but trying to do lace while chatting with my DH isn't the best idea. I flubbed up the first repeat so tinked back & put it aside until after he went to bed. Then I realized that I was making this pattern up as I go and I had no idea if the remaining yarn would be enough to work the sideways edging all the way around the shawl and decided to just add a few rows of a simple lace pattern that I could cut short if it looked like I was going to run out.

This is the lace pattern from the inner boarder of the Highland Triangle from Folk Shawls. It's a simple 6 stitch, two row repeat, but I still *MESSED* it up the first row and didn't discover it until half way through the next pattern row where I suddenly had three YOs where I should only have had two. So I tinked back and got it right on the second try, by which time it was about 2 a.m. Once the pattern is set, it's easy to stay on track (thank goodness!!!) I did 4 repeats working the increases into the pattern as I had enough stitches. The photo above is the point on one side - notice how the lace makes it curve more than the body of the shawl. It did the same thing when I made the Highland Triangle but I like the look.

Here's the center point that came out a nice mirror image on each side. I finished off with 8 rows of garter stitch to keep the bottom from curling. All in all, I'm quite happy with the results.



Blogger KnitNana said...

Great job! I'm sure it would not curl if you blocked it, but I suspect you used an acrylic for the charity shawl, so unless you "kill" the acrylic, blocking is pretty curls! So what???
Very pretty!
(and no, I can't talk to anyone and knit lace either - lolol!)

4:26 PM  
Blogger Ruinwen said...

That really looks nice! :)

8:16 PM  

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