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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tagged, Once Again

Sallee at Knitnana just tagged me for a Musical MeMe - "6 musical pieces that are favorites at the moment." I sort of remember doing something like this a while back, but I can't find the entry in the archives. Forgive me if anything has changed in the meantime.

1. Señor - a Bob Dylan song as played & sung by Jerry Garcia on the double Jerry Garcia Band album. This whole album is full of magical music, but Señor is the one that sends the most chills up my spine.

2. Weep for Jamie - Peter, Paul & Mary, Album 1700, 1967. The Great Mandella on the same album is powerful too and a song doesn't come much funnier than Big Blue Frog.

3. China Cat Sunflower - by the Grateful Dead - Ok, the lyrics don't make much sense, but I can't hear this one without wanting to get up and dance.

4. Mountains of the Moon - another Grateful Dead song (are you sensing a pattern here?)from the AOXOMOXOA album. This song has the feel of the Childe Ballads and I actually learned to play it on an autoharp many years ago.

5. Amanda - by Amanda McBroom. It's another ballad. I couldn't find the lyrics on line, but it's worth the price of the album all by itself. Another one of those songs that sends chills up my spine.

6. For the sixth choice, I am - once again - going to wimp out and say just about anything by the Grateful Dead and/or Jerry Garcia (barring Space & Drums). The music is so eclectic that it doesn't matter what mood I'm in, there's an album or a song to match. Country? Try American Beauty or Working Man's Dead. Want a bit of disco? Shakedown Street fits. My all time favorite album is probably Europe, '72. Try them, you might like them.


Anonymous Steve said...

Great choices!

I've been listening to a lot of '72 Dead lately with Pigpen still doing much of the singing.

Blows me away how fresh the music is.

And, well, I really like the spacy stuff.

3:36 PM  

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