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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Keep On Trucking..

Grand-daughter's sweater is continuing apace. The sleeves are finished except for the cuffs and in this photo you can see the neck shaping. I was planning on a Henley style neck, but neglected to leave some space for the plackets so I'll probably just crochet around the opening, first in the light blue and then in the darker blue of the fair isle. I'm debating whether to do the neck, cuffs & bottom ribbing in the dark blue.

The pink & red cotton yarn chains are holding the provisional stitches for the front of the neck. Because this yarn is heavier than the Knit-Cro-Sheen I used on the toddler sweater last month, it didn't pull through the stitches and make them hard to pick up.

The entire three-needle bind-off for the underarm seams of the sleeves worked beautifully. I'd never been able to get them looking this nice if I'd tried to sew them or - even worse - use kitchner stitch.

The sock has been progressing. It went a lot better after I discovered that I was skipping the "rest rows" of the lace. I had to frog back to the toe shaping and start over but now it's going smoothly. It looks a little funny on my foot as I've started the heel shaping with gussets and it's a little too long to fit on my foot without putting the instep on two needles.

Here it is flat which shows off the lace better. Once I finish the heel, I plan on using the lace pattern all the way around the leg. I'm getting to the point where I only have to refer to the chart now & then which is a huge improvement over most of my attempts at lace.


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its a beautiful lace pattern

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