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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lots of Knitting, Very Little Blogging

Yup, I did it again - over three weeks since the last post - but I'll try to make it up with lots of photos. I mentioned last time that I'd been concentrating on making fancier than usual items for our Xmas Craft Show at the Sr. Center (proceeds will go to buying machine washable yarns for our K4 group's charity knitting). These also qualify for the Winter Warmies KAL over on the Knitting Purls group on Ravelry.

First of all, three hats all basically the same design with rolled brims & a purl row before flat decreasing the crown by working the decreases every row. The red & green ones are adult size while the purple one is for a child as there wasn't enough of the ribbon yarn.

Knit with a strand of bright red sayelle and one of ribbon yarn to add some sparkle.

Again a strand of mossy green sayelle combined with a double strand of variegated green mohair.

A ball of striped blue & purple ribbon yarn combined with the purple sayelle.

I'm awfully glad that Zarzuela started the cowl craze over on Plurk - I've been making them for our Xmas Craft Show at the Sr. Center and have already sold a couple to staff members who saw them (no photos of those, sorry). Here are the latest ones - and the biggest reason why I haven't been blogging:

Two of them are the Birthday Cowl from Nova Made, one is a 12 stitch Feather & Fan repeat, two are plain because the yarn is so pretty in person and the last, the rust ribbed one, doesn't look like much laying on the floor, but it's cute under a denim jacket.

Yes, more cowls - this one of light blue mohair with a simple YO, SSK pattern every other row and garter stitch top & bottom to keep it from rolling.

These last four cowls are worked in simple stockinette with garter borders as the yarns carry the design without adding lace or cables (which would probably have been lost anyway). This one is solid black with red threads.

A pink mohair yarn carried with a variegated slubbed in pink, grey & purple created this look.

A grey feathered yarn carried with a strand of black sayelle makes for a chenille look.

My personal favorite - the fancy yarn was sport weight with large unspun slubs of color that I worked with a black sayelle to add warmth.

These have been so much fun to make and there will be more coming as the craft show doesn't start until the first week in December. Back to my needles!

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Wow! You HAVE been busy! Good luck with the sale...

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