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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Another Quiet Day On The Homefront

A very quiet day compared to yesterday when it felt like I was running all day. I started another baby afghan in a soft pale pink this morning and took it along to bingo. Knit another pair of booties out the variegated yarn and cast on yet another pair. The last two nights I worked on the Clapotis while watching tv and it's coming along. I'm glad that I picked up the second skein of the Rosy Forecast as on the bigger needles, it does seem to be taking more yarn, but the drape is much nicer - not that stiff feel of the first one in Jetstream. DH has been wearing his hybrid Fuzzy Feet - non-felted acrylic toes and all and has been saying that he'd like a pair that was completely felted. I ran across this site on How To Recycle A Sweater and as soon as garage sales start up again, I'll keep an eye out for a wool sweater or two that I can recycle and get the yarn to make him a pair.

I see that there's a new KAL - the Pure & Simple Neck Down that's tempting. I love neck down patterns because it's easier to add a sleeve working in that direction than it is to knit the sleeves and then incorporate them into the sweater - you have those three or four rows where it's a fight to compress the sleeve stitches into the 10% or so of the stitches that are for the underarm. Working neck down, I do the sleeves first and then pick up the underarm stitches to go on with the body. My favorite pattern is from an old (1970s) Mon Tricot for a circular yoke ski sweater. I think I must have made over a dozen sweaters using this pattern and either playing with the colors in the yoke or designing my own patterns. Here is one of the versions - I made this color combination first for DYD (Darling Youngest Daughter) and I liked it so much that I made one for myself. She lives in California, so there's no risk of embarrassing her by showing up in the same sweater that she's wearing {g}.

Here is the same yoke pattern in a different colorway.

And, finally, the same sweater pattern with a yoke of my own design.

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Blogger Sue said...

I love the circular yoke sweaters! The color combinations are wonderful.

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