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Friday, July 13, 2007

Garage Sale Goodies

A new garage sale started in the village today - actually an estate sale - and it had lots of goodies as the deceased had been a crafter.

Here's a photo of my loot -- I came home with two 5.6 oz skeins of Baby Coordinates in white, two 5 oz skeins of Wool Ease Sport in off white, & six skeins of 3.5 oz Vision by Schachenmayr in brown heather - all for $10!! Not bad as I know that the Coordinates goes for around $4 and the Wool Ease for the same or a bit more. The Vision is a discontinued yarn so I can't find it on line to see just how good a deal I got, but there's enough there for a sweater. I passed up a lot of other crafts like embroidery & stuffed animals as I know I wouldn't find the time to make them. Somewhere around here, I have two kits for making stuffed fabric chickens that never got put together so I've learned my lesson.

Then we headed south of town and stopped at the Dollar Store. They've started carrying a limited stock of Fun Fur & Fancy Fur for $1 a skein rather than the $4 or so that most stores charge. I picked up two skeins of each. I think that the Fancy Fur will go into hats for my grand-daughter and I'll mix the solid color Fun Fur with variegateds to make hats like the one in Gloria's pattern book. That should keep me busy for a while {g}..

On the kitchen front, we had chicken and homemade noodles last night. A couple weeks ago, DH found an electric pasta maker that mixes the ingredients into dough and then extrudes it through any of 9 dies to make all sorts of shapes. I've made homemade noodles for years using a recipe from my daughters' Great-grandmother, but this is the easiest it's ever been! It was cool enough yesterday and again today to make what's usually a winter dish. I just finished separating the chicken from the bones for today's batch and DH put the bones and skin back in the pressure cooker to continue making the broth. Given how we like pasta, I can see this machine getting a lot of use! Time to look for a sale on flour..

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Blogger Michele [iSmile ;D] said...

Wow! Good for you! I never find the good stuff at Garage Sales.

2:03 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Great take on the yarn!!! What's the content of the 'Vision' yarn, wool? I searched the sweaters at Goodwill today for the yarn but came out with nothing.

4:08 PM  

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