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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

One Down & One To Go

There it is... My very first sock out of sock yarn. Finished only a little over a year after I started it. Ok, I was hung up on the short row heel for too long, but it does fit a little better than it shows in the photo - I just didn't pull it far enough on in my excitement.

Another shot showing how the altered increasing - after the original every other row, three times, I increased 4 stitches every 3rd row instead of every other - fits my foot better. Those photos are back in the April 22nd 2006 post and the update where I once again reworked the toe is December 20th, so you can see how long this has taken me.

Ok, the statistics - Sassy Stripes sock yarn, size 3 double point needles, knit toe up starting with an 10 stitch provisional cast on. After 5 rows, I picked up the 8 stitches on the other side & 2 stitches on either side of the little rectangle. I increased up to 52 stitches as I have a narrow foot. The short row heel was worked on 26 stitches when the instep reached my ankle. I wrapped the short rows the way that most instructions say to, but instead of knitting the wrap together with the wrapped stitch, I picked it up on the next row, twisted it onto the left needle and knit it together with the next wrapped stitch. I think I tried out at least 5 or 6 methods before I thought this one up in the middle of the night {g}. The ribbing for the leg starts a couple rows past the heel and is K2,P1 (I decreased 1 stitch at the center back before starting the ribbing to get the right number of stitches.) Anyway, it's done and I may frame it instead of wearing it! I may change my mind down the road, but at this point I don't think that knitting socks is going to ever be one of my favorite past times.

But just so you don't think I'm going to fall victim to the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome, here's the start of the other half of the pair after the first round of increases.



Blogger KnitNana said...

I KNEW you could do it!
It looks terrific!!

10:55 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Now you've got the hang of it. The second won't take so long but I'm sure you knit tons of other things during the time of that first sock! The sock looks nice.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Ruinwen said...

What a beautiful sock! You did a great job! :)

12:55 PM  

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